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Dudley Wave Super

materprotectrix in edherrmannfic

Bathtub Fun [R]

Title: Bathtub Fun
Author: materprotectrix
Rating: R
Summary: I have a headache. Eddie's occupying the large Jacuzzi bathtub.

Me: *walks into the bathroom* Oh, sorry. Didn't know you were in here.
Him: Did you wanna take a bath?
Me: Yeah, I was gonna soak for a bit to see if it helped my head, but I can wait. No hurry.
Him: You can get in.
Me: No, I can wait until you're done. Don't get out.
Him: I wasn't gonna get out. :)
Me: Oh! :D In that case.... *gets undressed*
Him: *watches* Mm.
Me: Tee-hee.
Him: *opens legs and makes room* Sit right here.
Me: *gets in between his legs*
Him: *wraps his arms around me and pulls me back against him*
Me: *rests my head on him*
Him: *washes me slowly*
Me: So I take it that isn't the bar of soap I feel in the water, huh?
Him: I don't think so. Could be a loofa sponge, though.
Me: Could be.
Him: Why don't you reach down there and find out?
Me: You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Him: Yes. *whispers in my ear* And so would you.
Me: *reaches down and grabs him gently*
Him: *lets out a light moan*
Me: *squeezes more him firmly, looks at his face to see him biting his lower lip and closing his eyes* I thought we were trying to get rid of my headache?
Him: This isn't helping it?
Me: Not really, but that's okay.
Him: No, no. Here, sit forward a little.
Me: *sits forward*
Him: Tilt your head back some.
Me: *tilts head back*
Him: *he uses a nearby cup thingy to dump water on my hair, adds shampoo and works it into a nice lather, massages my head slowly*
Me: *sighs*
Him: How does that feel?
Me: Heavenly.
Him: Good.
Me: Hey.
Him: Hm?
Me: Remind me to repay you when you're done.
Him: Oh, I will.
Me: Good.