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The Power Of Mistletoe [NC-17]

Title: The Power Of Mistletoe
Author: materprotectrix
Main character: Richard Gilmore
Second character: Emily Gilmore
Item involved: Mistletoe
Setting: Snowed in cottage
Type of story: Love
Rating: NC17
For: pandora
Notes: Here it is. I'm tired (so beward mistakes) and it ended up being more than a small ficlet (4 pages in MsWorks, I think), but anyhoo....

"Richard, I can't believe this," Emily said, pacing back and forth in front of the large picture window which was almost blocked completely by snow.

"Calm down, Emily." Richard replied, trying to get a fire going in the fireplace; his back turned to Emily.

"I will not calm down!" she snapped. "I hope they don't expect us to pay for the full package."

"I've got your package right here," Richard mumbled while tossing another match onto the logs.


"Nothing." The fire ignites and starts spreading warmth into the damp cottage.

"How are we supposed to do anything when we're snowed in here? We had plans and now we're just supposed to sit here for the weekend doing nothing."

"Emily, there're plenty of things to do." Richard stepped away from the fireplace and admired his accomplishment.

"Like what??"

"Well," an idea sprung to his mind and he gestured for her to wait a second. He walked into the next room and called out to her, "Close your eyes."

"What? I'll do no such thing," she yelled from the other room. He knew she would say that.

"Emily! Just close your eyes. And don't peek!"

"Oh, fine. It's not like I have anything else to do," she grumbled and closed her eyes. "This better not be a trick, either."

Richard walked back into the room. "It isn't. Just keep them closed."

"I am, I am. Hurry up before I fall asleep from boredom."

Richard took a few seconds fussing with the doorway, then went over to Emily and led her to it.

"Okay, you can look now."

She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Yes, Richard. I've seen you before. Maybe not in this exact spot but that surely isn't a reason to have me close my eyes."

"Not me, Emily. Look up."

He looked up and her eyes followed to find a little sprig of mistletoe hanging above them in the doorway. A quizzical smile appeared on her lips. She looked at her husband to find him smiling in a rather naughty way at her.

"Richard, what are you thinking?"

He let out a mischievous laugh and pulled her close to him. "Let's play a game."

"A game? Richard, aren't you a little old for games?" she asked in a light manner.

"Not at all!"

"All right then, how do we play this game?"

He smiled, thankful that she asked. "They say two people caught beneath a piece of mistletoe have to kiss each other. But they don't say where the kiss has to be."


"So you have to guess where I want my kiss to be."

"I am not--"

"Yes you are."

"And if I don't?"

"Then I'll start singing at the top of my lungs and cause an avalanche and then we'll never get out of here."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to play," she conceded.

"Wonderful," he chirped. "Now, to make it more fun, you think of the spot you want me to kiss you and that way we can take turns. Whoever kisses the right spot first, wins. Ladies first, Emily."

"Very well." She leaned up and kissed him on the nose.

"Emily, if that's as creative as you're gonna get, I don't think there's much hope of you winning."

"Oh, this is silly."

"It's not silly. Just give it a chance. Now, it's my turn." He looked her over for a moment and decided on the location. Leaning down, he rested his lips lightly on her right earlobe and kissed it.

Emily stood silent for a moment.


"Nope," she said, shaking her mind from the thought of the kiss. This type of thing was unusual for them and it felt rather invigorating.

"You're turn," he told her.

She took his hand in hers and raised it to her lips, kissing the palm of his hand. She released his hand and waited for his answer.

"That's not it, but you're getting better," he said. "Now, let me see."

He thinks a bit and starts unbuttoning the top few buttons of her blouse, much to her disapproval. He hushed her objections by kissing her chest, right between her breasts, only to find out that wasn't the spot, either.

This went on for several minutes, her kissing his shin, him kissing her inner elbow, her kissing the back of his neck, him kissing her big toe while she laughed at how foolish it all was. After quite some time, they started competing for the best spots. Her blouse was completely undone, his pants were unzipped, her skirt was raised, the back of his boxers were lowered. Fits of giggles consumed them both and he swore she changed her spot from an innocent location to a more racy one just so he'd have to keep searching, but he didn't actually accuse her of it. They were having fun, half undressed and still standing beneath the mistletoe.

It was his turn now and he decided on her right nipple. He circled it with his tongue before teasing it with his teeth as his lips surrounded it. Her hands found their way to his hair and she grabbed on as he continued kissing her breast. Finally he stopped and grinned as he saw the look in his wife's eyes. She was completely into the game now and was feeling rather naughty herself. After revealing that he still hadn't guessed correctly, she knew it was time to reward him for suggesting the game in the first place.

Lowering herself to her knees, she looked up at his approving smile and proceeded to take his hard cock into her mouth. She hadn't done anything remotely close to this in many years and the sight, as well as the feel, of it was almost more than he could take. But he controlled himself and allowed her to work him into even more of a state of ecstasy than he was already in.

Her tongue flicked over the head of his cock and circled around it in the same manner as his tongue had done to her only a minute before. He quickly remembered how great she was at this when they were first dating and how much he had missed it over the years when she decided it wasn't lady-like anymore. So many times he had wished she would put pride aside and just suck him off now and then, but he would never insult her by insisting on it. Finally, after all these years, it took a silly game to get her to do it again. And boy could she still do it.

She felt his body start to tense up and heard him tell her he was about to come, but she didn't stop. She didn't pull away and within seconds, he came into her mouth. Much to his surprise, she swallowed every drop and seemed to enjoy it. She never used to, he thought to himself. The power of mistletoe.

When she stood, she had a curious look on her face.

He looked at her, then down at himself, then back at her. "That was…."


"Not it."

"Richard! I've kissed, among other things, every other inch of your body! How can that not have been it?"

"Don't get me wrong, Emily, that was one incredible, and very much appreciated kiss, but that just wasn't the spot I had in mind."

"Then where??" she demanded.

He leaned in and kissed her lips. "There," he whispered quietly.

She smiled as she opened her eyes to look into his. "You call that creative? That's the most obvious spot!"

"I said you had to be more creative. I didn't say I had to be."

"You cheater," she joked, playfully slapping his arm

"I guess neither of us win," he said.

"Not so fast, Richard," she told him. "You still haven't tried one spot."

The look on her face was obvious to him which spot she meant. "Ah, you're right. Let's try there then, shall we?"

As he knelt down to her, she laughed to herself, knowing that she had picked the same spot as he had. Best to let him think he's going to win. At least until after he's finished with this one last attempt. After all, it was his idea to play this game, she thought before letting her mind drift off into bliss.