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Emily's Personal Intruder (Short Version) [NC-17]

Title: Emily's Personal Intruder (Short Version)
Author: materprotectrix
Main character: Richard Gilmore
Second character: Emily Gilmore
Item involved: The panic room
Setting: After the reconciliation
Type of story: Love
Rating: NC-17
Notes: And this is how a REAL ficlet should be (short!). I had this in mind for the original idea, but decided to go with the other one, which just went on and on and on, lol! This one isn't the right rating, though, but I figured I'd post it, anyway.

Richard arrived home from work, entered through the front door and was greeted by the sight of a yellow post-it note stuck to the floor in front of him. He shut the door, sat his briefcase down, retrieved his glasses from his pocket and put them on. He bent down closer to the floor to read the post-it. It simply said, "Follow the yellow brick road" and had an arrow pointing to the left. He looked in that direction and saw a trail of post-its, each with a little arrow on it, leading the way to the recently purchased panic room which Emily had acquired for herself.

As he reached the door to the panic room, he entered the code that she had only just informed him of and proceeded to open the door.

Emily stood within. She had on Richard's large brown overcoat. Her arms were wrapped around the front of her, holding the coat closed. She smiled at her husband as he looked curiously at her.

She loosened her grip on the coat and let it slip off her slender shoulders and fall to the floor of the panic room. She was wearing nothing underneath it.

"Oh, Emily," Richard said breathlessly as he looked her over.

Emily had never heard him say her name quite that way before. She was pleased at the sound of it. And she planned to let him know just how pleased she was as she stepped out to embrace him.