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Emily's Personal Intruder (Long Version) [NC-17]

Emily's Personal Intruder (Long Version)
Author: materprotectrix
Main character: Richard Gilmore
Second character: Emily Gilmore
Item involved: The panic room
Setting: After the reconciliation
Type of story: Love
Rating: NC-17

Emily was in the sitting room reading a rather suspenseful story. She and Richard had only just reconciled the night before. It seemed as though he'd been out in the pool house for ever. Then came the small car "accident" that brought them back together. Strange how those things worked. When he brought her home, he sounded so melancholy when he said he didn't want to go back to the pool house. She felt so sorry for him, and she really didn't want him to go back to it, anyway. She insisted he come home to her. And he did. That night they slept in the same bed again. She had taken some Tylenol, to fight off any soreness from when he rammed his car into hers, and he made sure she was tucked comfortably in their bed. They slept better than they had in months that night.

As she turned the page, she had a few seconds to think outside of the book. She thought about how she wished Richard wasn't detained at the office this evening. She wanted him home with her.

She flattened out the page just in time to hear a noise at the front door. A clicking sound, as if someone was messing with the lock. She got up to go to the door and greet her husband, but as she approached it, she realized he would have had it open by then. Whoever was on the other side of the door was having trouble getting in.

"Who's there?" she yelled as she stood several feet from the door. There was no answer. "I have a gun!" she lied.

The doorknob continued to jiggle as she started to back away. As she was reaching blindly for the phone, the door clicked and started to open. She forgot about the phone and ran straight to the recently purchased, though misplaced, panic room in the foyer. She opened it and jumped in, slamming the door behind her.

She stood shaking in the small containment area. Horrible thoughts ran through her mind and she felt helpless. She realized clearly where this thing she was standing in got its name.

Just then, she heard some faint sounds coming from outside the panic room.

"Oh my God," she thought to herself, her mind not holding back the most bizarre ideas, "He's got dynamite and is going to blow the door off!"

Beep! She froze.

Beep! She strained to listen closer.

Beep! He's trying to crack the code!

Beep! What if he guesses it's set on the default setting?

Beep! Please, no!

Click! The door unlatched itself. He was in!

The door seemed to take an eternity to open, but when it finally did, Emily could plainly see her intruder.

"RICHARD!" she shrieked.

He was standing before her dressed in black slacks, a tight black turtleneck shirt and a black knit hat. He said nothing.

"You nearly gave me a heart attack!" she yelled, stepping out of her seemingly useless panic room. "What were you thinking doing that?! And why are you dressed that way? Richard! Say something! Are you insane? Of all the stupid--"

She was cut off when Richard grabbed her arms with his strong hands, pulled her back from the panic room, shut the door behind her and then pressed her back against it.

"Richard! What are you--"

He held a finger to her lips to silence her. She was too shocked to object.

He moved his finger from her lips to her cheekbone and traced the side of her face. His hand made it's way to the side of her neck and he pulled her gently to him, kissing her sweetly on the mouth. She kissed him back and he pulled away. She looked into his eyes and saw a flicker of mischief in them.

He pulled her head back to him once more but this time the kiss was more forceful. He slipped his tongue quickly in and explored every inch of her mouth. As the muffled sounds she was making tried to escape, he began biting her bottom lip. She instinctively pulled back, wincing at the pain as his teeth held onto her lip. She stopped pulling away.

When he was done kissing her, he caressed her cheek, again. He gave her a half-smile as his hands ran over the front of her blouse. She watched him cautiously. He ripped open her shirt in one quick motion and the buttons flew in all directions. Emily yelled something about the cost of the shirt but was silenced once again by Richard's mouth on hers.

Her shirt hung open and exposed her lace-trimmed bra. Part of her feared her husband, but the majority of her knew that he would never do anything to hurt her. And she couldn't deny this made her more than slightly aroused.

Richard then reached down and massaged Emily's outer left thigh. His other hand held the back of her neck to bring her towards him for frequent kisses when he saw fit.

Both of her hands were positioned flatly on his chest. She gave in to his kisses more and more every second and was enjoying the feel of his strong hands grabbing onto her.

He started lifting her skirt up to her hips. He took the hand from her neck and brought it down to her right thigh . His mouth pressed hard against hers, making sure she had no room to back away from him now that his hand was occupied elsewhere.

In another quick motion, he reached between her thighs and spread her legs apart. She gasped into his mouth as he did so. Stepping back, he looked her over and then proceeded to kneel before her. She put her hands on his broad shoulders and watched as he pushed her skirt up a bit more and then grabbed onto her pantyhose. He tore them open at the crotch, then did the same with her panties.

He lifted one of her legs up, rested it on his shoulder and buried his face in the fresh openings he had made. His tongue found it's way into her already wet opening. She arched her back and grabbed onto his hair with her fingers. She licked her lips and bit her bottom lip, ignoring the fact that it was already tender from where he had bitten it moments before.

His tongue darted in and out of her, running vigorously over her now swollen sensitive spot. She wiggled uncontrollably as he stuck his tongue in and out of her. He sucked and licked the juices from her, pulling her close against his face with his strong hands on her bucking hips.

When he was done with that, he stood up and kissed her. He wanted her to taste what he tasted. She kissed him willingly, her fingers still entwined in his damp hair.

He reached down and undid the front of his slacks, slipped a hand in and pulled out his large, hard cock. She looked down to see his erection and licked her lips at the sight.

He pulled her leg up and held it as he rubbed the tip of his cock on her swollen clit.

"Please," she managed to hiss at him.

No more than she finished saying it, he shoved his cock straight into her, causing her to exhale loudly. It was one strong thrust and he held his position for a few seconds, his face extremely close to hers. He grinned, baring his teeth at her, then he continued with long gentle strokes. She could swear she felt every vein in his shaft as it slipped in and out against her wet pussy walls.

This went on until she thought she would collapse if he hadn't been holding her up against the panic room.

Throbbing and ready to fill her with his hot cum, he increased his speed, pumping harder and faster into her, stretching her with each thrust. His mouth devoured hers and he sucked on the tip of her tongue as she moaned with pleasure.

Finally, he let loose into her and filled her. She climaxed and tightened around his cock. Their juices dripped out of each other and both of them let out cries of passion, shaking with pleasure.

When they pulled apart from each other, Emily had to hold onto the panic room to keep from falling down from weakness. Richard stepped back, watching her, put his cock back into place and zipped up. He smiled a lopsided grin and turned to leave. Emily watched as he walked out the door, her torn blouse still open and her skirt still raised to her hips. Shock and ecstasy consumed her.

She eventually gained the strength to go upstairs, shower and change her clothes.

Not long after she came back downstairs, Richard came through the front door. He had been in the pool house cleaning himself up.

"Hello, Emily," he said, wearing a nice suit and carrying his briefcase.

Emily greeted him as she usually did.

"Anything new?" he asked her in a nonchalant way.

"Oh, you know. The usual," she replied with a gleam in her eye.

Richard nodded and sat his briefcase down. He put an arm around her waist and gave her a light kiss on the lips which caused Emily to wince a bit.

Richard touched a finger to her bottom lip where a light swelling was visible. "Did you bite your lip?"

"Something like that," she smiled.

Later that night....

"By the way," she asked curiously, "Where on Earth did you get that outfit?"

"Which outfit?" he asked, pretending not to know what she was referring to.

"You know very well which outfit," she said.

He chuckled to himself, almost embarrassed by the subject. "Assuming I know which outfit you're referring to, I bought it on my way home. And you should have seen the look on the cashier girl's face when I put the whole ensemble on the counter. She must have thought I was on my way to commit grand theft or something. She wasn't sure if she should ring me up or push the little alarm button under the counter."

She laughed. "Well I hope you didn't buy it at any of our usual stores."

"No, Emily. I made sure to make the extra effort not to."

She smiled to herself and thought how well he knew her.

The following night....

Lorelai rang the doorbell to her parents' home. Surprise covered her face when the door opened and she found her mother standing there.

"Lorelai! You're here! Welcome! Come in!"

"Mom? Where's the maid?"

"Don't ask," Emily said, stepping aside to let her daughter enter and taking her coat and purse. She was smiling.

"I won't. Thanks for the warning." She figured Emily had fired another one, and she was correct in her assumption. "I see you still have the panic room, huh?"

"Yes." A short but sweet answer as Emily put the coat and purse aside and lead the way to the sitting room.

"Maybe you could hang a painting on it," Lorelai joked. "Or if you attach some hooks to it, you can hang coats on it. Make it practical, at least."

Emily smirked out of Lorelai's view. "It's already quite practical the way it is, Lorelai. But thank you for your concern"

"Coat of paint, maybe?" Lorelai continued, knowing her mother had probably tuned her out by now.

Richard was already preparing the drinks as the two entered the room.

"Lorelai! How lovely to see you!" he chimed.

"Uh, it's nice to see you too, dad. Make mine a double."

He furrowed his brow at her request and proceeded to make his daughter her usual drink.

"Rory should be here shortly," Lorelai informed them. "She called a few minutes ago to say she was on her way."

"Wonderful!" Richard exclaimed as he handed her a drink.

"Isn't it?" she mocked, taking the drink and quickly sipping from it as if to save it from evaporating into thin air.

"So, mom. Dad. What did you do today?" she asked, trying to figure out why the perky behaviour.

"Oh, nothing much. Caught up on some reading. Smoked a nice cigar," Richard replied as he handed Emily her drink and sat down with his.

"You sure it was a cigar you were smoking?" she questioned with a sly grin.

"What else would I be smoking?" He gave her a confused look as he took a sip from his glass.

"Nothing, dad. Bad joke."

Emily was failing at her attempt to hide her smile. She tried keeping the glass up to her face but stopped when she noticed Lorelai giving her a strange glance.

"Slow up on that drink mom," she said. "Plenty more where that came from. No need to guzzle it down all in one go."

"I'm just thirsty, that's all," Emily responded.

Still curious about the change in their mood, Lorelai questioned them once more. "So, what did you guys do yesterday evening?"

Richard, as if waiting for the right moment to reveal the situation to the room, wickedly replied, "I 1-1-1-1-1 some quality time with your mother."

"Richard!" Emily blurted out, nearly spitting out the sip she had just taken from her drink.

Lorelai looked even more confused. "You wha-- OH! I did not need to know that!"

Emily smiled. She couldn't help it. She glanced over at Richard and he looked back at her proud as can be. As Lorelai tried to erase the mental images from her head, Richard winked at his wife and they both raised their glasses to each other, took a sip and smiled knowing that things were right in the Gilmore house.

{Notes: Thanks to Riska for the "So, what did you guys do yesterday evening?" and the "I 1-1-1-1-1 some quality time with your mother." lines.}