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I Oughta Belt You One [NC-17]

Title: I Oughta Belt You One
Author: materprotectrix
Main character: Richard Gilmore
Second character: Emily Gilmore
Item involved: Pillow mints and bathrobe belts
Setting: The Bracebridge Dinner
Type of story: Love
Rating: NC17
For: mlillard

It had been a very long evening. Richard had been in low spirits for quite a while now and the plan was to invite him to the dinner at the inn in hopes of cheering him up. But when he got there, he seemed completely revitalized. Emily informed Lorelai that he had been unusually happy lately, not knowing why, but she was taking the credit for the good mood.

The dinner went well until Richard revealed that he was no longer employed. He had quit his job and this was the first time anyone had heard anything about it. Emily, naturally, was infuriated that the decision had been made without consulting her. The rest of the night went downhill. Emily insisted she not sleep in the same room with her husband, leaving her to share a room with Lorelai and Rory. Even there she was unable to cool off, so she made her way downstairs, where she found Richard in his pajamas and robe looking over their financial statements and other important documents.

After he sincerely apologized to her and explained where he was in his life, how the job was ruining him and how he was happy to be free from it, they made up and went back to their shared room where they made passionate love to each other. Afterwards, they took a long hot shower.

Upon stepping out of the shower, they both put on the complimentary bathrobes that were hanging on the back door of the bathroom. The material was high quality and felt soft on their damp skin.

They made their way back to the other room, smiling with ease and marveling at the moment.

Richard still felt a bit naughty. Perhaps it was the freedom of having everything off his chest, or the whole idea of making up, or the environment they were in, but he wanted his wife in the most intimate way. Again.

Emily stood before him rubbing the sleeves of her robe and going on about how she couldn't believe the comfort of the material. Richard undid his robe and pulled the belt from it's loops, leaving the front hang open. When Emily turned to face him, her eyes widened as she saw her husband was once again in need of her.

"Richard," she began, "You can't possibly be ready again."

He looked down at himself and tilted his head to the side as if considering the situation.

"I beg to differ," he said.

He stepped closer to her and grabbed the bow formation her belt made on her own robe. He tugged it and drew her closer to him, kissing her deeply. Then he untied the bow and with one swift yank, the belt flung clear of the loops.

"Richard, what's gotten into you," she laughed as she held the robe closed.

"Oh, nothing. But I know what's about to get into you," he mused.

Emily laughed some more, enjoying this spontaneous mood her husband was displaying.

Leaving their robes on, Richard instructed Emily to place herself on the bed, on all fours. She did as she was told, wrapped up in the moment and wanting to please her husband. She was just happy to have him back to his old self. Plus a little added spark thrown in.

He knelt on the bed behind her and lifted the back end of her robe up and onto her back.

"Tell me if I hurt you," he said from behind her.

"Hurt me?" she repeated, slightly worried. "What are you planning on do--"

A sharp sensation appeared on the right cheek of her exposed ass and she yelled, "Ouch!"

"Now, that wasn't so bad," Richard assured her. "I barely did anything. Just relax. You'll enjoy it once you get used to it."

She nodded her head and tried to enjoy it.

After a few more slaps from the belt, she found herself getting wet with excitement. He was right. It did get better once you get used to it. She began leaning her ass up higher when she anticipated the next snap of the belt. Richard took the other belt and tied it snuggly around his erection, then gave the other end to Emily and instructed her to gently tug on it when she felt the urge to do so. She thought it was silly at first, but when she saw the effect it had on her husband, she appreciated it much more.

Once Richard was satisfied by the shade of his wife's tender ass, he leaned down to lick and kiss every inch of it, using his hands to massage her cheeks as he did so. He pushed her robe up higher so she could see the shape of her back, reached into his pocket and pulled out a mint he had earlier retrieved from the pillow. He removed the wrapper and gave it a lick.

He pressed the mint on Emily's upper back and slid it down along her spine, leaving a small trail of minty goodness which he then traced with his tongue. He traced up her back with his tongue then, on the way back down, he sucked the mint flavour from her skin as she writhed beneath him at the sensation. He took the mint in his fingers and brought it to her face where she took it willingly.

He sucked the mint off his fingers, untied the belt from his cock, gave himself a few good strokes and then guided himself into his wife from behind. It was rare that they indulged themselves in this position and he took great pleasure in gabbing onto her hips and pulling her back onto him. He liked watching his cock slide in and out of her, and watching her back arch and her hips grind as she rode him.

When he came, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly onto his cock, the length of it completely in her as they shook with orgasm. He leaned down to kiss the middle of her glistening back which was still sticky from the candy.

"I found another mint," she said, breathlessly.

He smiled at her willingness. "Save it for later. Right now I think we could use another shower."

She sat the mint on the nightstand and agreed on the shower.


As they reached the lobby of the inn, they were greeted by Lorelai and Rory.

"Hey mom, you didn't make it back to the room last night. Did you get lucky?" Lorelai asked cheerfully.

"Could you be any cruder," Emily asked. Richard rolled his eyes behind her.

"Yeah, I could be cruder. Hey mom, did you get lai--"

Rory quickly cut her off. "Thanks for coming!"

If they only knew: that wasn't quite the best phrase under the circumstances.

As the happy couple were nearing the front door, Emily remembered something.

"Oh, Lorelai?"

"Yes, mom?"

"We kept the robes," Emily said calmly. "I hope you don't mind. We'll send you a check to reimburse you."

"Why would you take the robes?" Lorelai asked curiously.

"They felt so good that we just had to have them."

"Yes, but they're for our guests. Here. At the inn. You have plenty of robes at home," Lorelai explained.

"Just let us have the robes, Lorelai," Richard joined in. "I will reimburse you for a dozen in return."

Still confused as to why her parents would even need them, Lorelai gave in and agreed.

"Thank you, Lorelai," Richard said. "They'll be taken well care of and be put to great use."

By now, Rory was beginning to get confused, which meant Lorelai was twice as confused.

"What does that even mean?" Lorelai asked, then reconsidered, knowing she wouldn't get anything out of her parents other than riddles and half truths. "Never mind. Don't tell me."

Emily gave her husband a knowing smile.

"I think that's best," he said, as they proceeded out the door. "Thanks for the wonderful time."

"You're welcome, dad."

He turned one last time before closing the door. "No, really. Thanks for the wonderful time."

Lorelai and Rory stood in the lobby watching as the door shut. Then it simultaneously dawned on them. As they looked at each other, they're mouths dropped open in horror.