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Dreams Do Come True [NC-17]

Title: Dreams Do Come True
Author: materprotectrix
Main character: Richard Gilmore
Second character: Emily Gilmore
Item involved: Single LP "Wedding Bell Blues" by "5th Dimension"
Setting: ~ 1972, sometime during Lorelai's spate of ear infections
Type of story: Love
Rating: NC-17
For: Riska

It seemed like only yesterday. Lorelai was three years old and hadn't yet reached the age where she felt the need to run away from me. She got ear infection after ear infection and I spent endless nights sitting up with her, trying to comfort her to sleep. Nothing worked. Bed time stories, stuffed animals, lullabies. They were all useless when ear infections were concerned. I had the radio on, hoping the sound of at least one song from that era would have soothed her. I realized her taste in music was little to none. But then it happened.

"Wedding Bell Blues" by The 5th Dimension began to play. After a few bars of that, Lorelai finally started to settle down. I insisted, no, demanded that Richard go right out and buy the LP. That meant rushing into the bedroom and waking him up. Something he wasn't exactly pleased about. It also meant waking Lorelai up. In my excitement, I forgot running with Lorelai in my arms would be a sure way to wake her, but if my plan worked, then it would have been worth it. Besides, I made it back in time to hear the end of the song, and she was once again out like a light.

Finally, Richard conceded and managed to find a store still open at 9pm. He bought the very last copy of the record.

He went back to bed and I put on the record. Over and over I played that song and over and over Richard voiced his objections to it.

"Surely there's another song she likes," he told me.

"As if I haven't tried," I snapped. "This is the only one she likes! And as long as it keeps her at ease, it'll be the only thing playing until she gets over these horrible ear infections."

Richard tried hard to sleep over the sound of the song playing non-stop. It was a useless attempt made worse by the fact that I had the volume up so high.

Day after day, night after night, whenever Lorelai would start crying, I'd put on the record and Richard would disappear. On the rare occasions I saw him during the song, I'd tease him.

"If only your name was Bill, then this could be our song," I'd tell him.

He'd just roll his eyes and groan. Though I had a feeling he secretly liked the song. I even caught him humming it when he didn't know I was near. Although, that may have been subconscious humming since I oftentimes heard him humming it one minute and cursing the next as if someone had put the song in his head and he had just then realized it was there.

I remember one night, the record had been playing for it's 2nd hour straight and Richard approached.

"Emily, let me take her. You need to get some sleep."

I told him I was fine. I was used to it by now. Sleep was something he needed more of than I did. At that age, I only needed a few hours of sleep to be refreshed. He needed three times that amount.

On another night, he noticed that Lorelai had fallen asleep and hadn't stirred for nearly half an hour. Usually she woke up every ten minutes, or so, then fell back to sleep again.

"Come to bed, Emily," he whispered to me.

I told him I had to stay with Lorelai, lest I put her down and she wake up. He told me that he had dreamt about me. It was an erotic dream and he was feeling in the mood. I told him he would have to wait.

He told me he had been waiting for weeks. We hadn't been intimate in so long, what with Lorelai needing attention and all. I admit I never really thought about our love life that much these past few weeks. But Lorelai was the important thing at that moment. Richard would have to accept that.

But he didn't. Well, that's not entirely true. He tried to get me to come to bed a few more times that night, but then he understood why I couldn't. He tried the next best thing.

While Lorelai slept in my arms, Richard pulled up a chair and sat right up beside me. Not wanting to wake Lorelai, he kept his voice to a very low whisper. The music was much louder than he was, so Lorelai couldn't hear a word. Good thing, too. Although, maybe she actually could hear what he was saying and that's why she's grown up to be rather vulgar at the most inappropriate times.

Anyway, Richard leaned close to me, his hot breath tickling the hairs around my ear. He persisted on telling me his erotic dream he had recently had about me.

"I was in bed, sound asleep," he explained, "And you came in and woke me. You told me that Lorelai had finally gotten over her ear infection and was sleeping peacefully. You climbed under the covers and nuzzled up to my back, draping your hand over me and searching out my manhood."

I pictured what he was saying in my mind and I remember feeling rather dirty for doing so. There I was holding my child while my husband was whispering sexual images into my ear. But I didn't stop him.

And he continued.

"I warmed to your touch and you began nipping at my earlobe."

He acted this part out, causing me to jerk slightly at the unexpectedness of it. We both froze and made sure Lorelai didn't stir.

"It felt incredible. Your touch on me, your teeth on my ear, your body pressed against mine from behind. Yet I didn't roll over and take you like I should have. I stayed where I was, in the same position, and I was so content with just that. It was so little action, but so much pleasure."

I felt bad for neglecting him these past few weeks. As I listened to his words, I knew the dream meant I wasn't giving him enough attention.

"As much as I long to make love to you, Emily, this was more than enough."

He paused.

"I woke up with an erection the size of a small country."

I had to keep myself from laughing out loud at his comment. I could tell he laughed in response because of the breath on my ear. I turned to smile at him, and he returned the smile. We kissed like we hadn't kissed in a long time. Sure, there had been pecks on the cheek, or on the lips even, but nothing like this for quite a while. It was nice.

Afterwards, he told me he was going back to bed.

"I can't take this song any more," he joked.

He put the chair where it belonged and walked away.

Lorelai was still asleep. I took a chance and put her down into her bed. She moved around a bit, but didn't wake.

I tiptoed away and found Richard looking more handsome and sweet than ever. He didn't hear me approach the bed and climb in under the covers. But he did wake when he felt me nuzzle up to his back and drape my hand over him.

Dreams do come true if you really want them to. And that night, they came true for all of us.