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materprotectrix in edherrmannfic

Need You To Blow [NC-17]

Title: Need You To Blow
Author: materprotectrix
Main character: Richard Gilmore
Second character: Emily Gilmore
Item involved: Shower
Setting: After Emily's arrest
Type of story: Love
Rating: NC17
For: marybelle

At first, Richard was furious at the idea of his wife having been arrested. It was on the first night of his teaching at Yale and he was at dinner with the Dean. Emily had no intentions of calling him to come get her, so she called Lorelai. He knew she had done the right thing, but when he first heard that he wasn't her first choice of help, he was hurt. Then the hurt changed into anger. His own wife was arrested like a common criminal!

But he soon got over it. That's when the teasing started. He would take every available opportunity to remind her of what she had gotten herself into. She hated it, of course, but that's the whole point of teasing.

"Richard!" she shouted, unable to take any more of it, "Stop it!"

"Oh, Emily," he said in a comforting voice, "I only tease you because I love you."

"That's ridiculous," she mumbled at him. "You've been teasing me for days. One doesn't tease the one they love. One buys the one they love some nice pearls, or a new car."

"One already bought you some nice pearls and a new car. Now one is teasing you for getting yourself tossed into jail."

Emily sighed and walked out of the room at a fast pace. Richard followed.

"Going to check in with the parole board, are we?" he joked, following her up the stairs.

She said nothing in reply, but merely huffed and stomped louder onto each step.


Emily was just finishing up rinsing the shampoo from her hair when she heard the bathroom door open.

"I'm in here!" she shouted over the sound of the water.

"I'm aware of that, Emily," came the reply.

Moments later, the shower door slid open and Richard stepped in to join her.

"Richard!" she gasped, covering herself with her hands.

"Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to put your hands on the shower door," he said, his voice straining to sound lower than usual.

She looked at him like he was crazy and made her objections verbally.

"Resisting arrest, are we, ma'am?" he asked, stepping closer to her. "We can't have that."

He grabbed her and spun her to face to the shower door. Grabbing both her wrists and putting her hands on the door was harder than he thought. The water made her arms slippery and the fact that she was yelling near-obscenities at him while trying to pull away made it even more complicated.

When he had her the way he wanted her, he used a foot to pry her legs apart in the traditional frisking position. Emily's struggling ceased when she felt her husband's cock press against her bare ass.

"Good girl," he hissed into her ear. "Now hold still while I check to see if you've got anything you shouldn't have."

She did as he said while he ran his hands up and down her slender legs, around to her stomach, running over her breasts and back down. He paid extra attention to her frontal area, checking each curl of pubic hair and then slipping a couple fingers into her pussy, just to make sure she wasn't concealing anything in it.

"Okay," he said, stepping back to let her put her arms down. "You're clean."

The unintentional pun made him smile.

Emily turned to face him, her arms to her side. "I'm sorry I was uncooperative, officer."

Richard stood tall, raised his chin in the air and gave a sniff in a manner of one who's in the know.

He reached down, took his cock in his hand and said with a straight face, "I'm gonna need you to blow into this breathalyzer for me."

Inside, Emily cringed at the thought as reality smacked her on the side of the head, taking her back to the night of her arrest. But she quickly pushed that thought to the back of her head.

"Anything you say, officer."

She knelt down, the shower water spraying down on the back of her already soaked head and body, wrapped her hand around the 'breathalyzer' and licked the tip.

"No, no," Richard said, taking a fistful of her hair. "That won't do at all."

He held onto her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. "There'll be no resisting."

Emily was tempted to bite down just to show him she wasn't about to be treated that way, but deep down inside, the idea of the situation appealed to her. She didn't resist.

When the "breathalyzer" results were about to come in, her head was pulled away. Richard, while still holding onto her with one hand, began quickly stroking himself.

"Open your mouth," he instructed.

She did as she was told, opening her mouth partway.

"Wider," he said, the tone of his voice revealing it would only be a matter of seconds.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and waited.

He came hard and squirted his juices all over her face at first, then into her mouth. She took as much as he gave her.

He helped her to her feet.

"Will that be all, officer?" she asked, innocently.

"Yes, ma'am," he answered, rinsing himself off. "I think that will be sufficient for now."

He gestured for her to continue with her shower as he left. Poking his head back in, he requested her presence in the station about half an hour from then.

"Business or pleasure?" she asked.

"Pleasure, mostly," he informed her. "But we'll also be taking care of business."

The shower door shut, followed by the sound of the bathroom door. Emily began to think that being arrested wasn't such a bad thing, after all.